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What is SekurMessenger?

Encrypted messaging application designed for organizations that need to protect their flow of information and secure their communications between devices, with customers and partners.

SekurMessenger is not just any ordinary messaging app. It is designed to provide military-grade encryption and privacy by design ensuring that only the sender and intended recipient can read the messages exchanged.

It also employs multi-vault encryption layers, segregating users' data in virtual vaults and encrypting it with individual keys. This means that your data is safe even if one layer of encryption is compromised.

We do not collect or store metadata of any kind, or share information with third parties, and guarantees privacy using its own servers.

SekurMessenger works for both licensed users of the application and external users who do not have the APP.

SekurMessenger works for both licensed users of the application and external users who do not have the APP.


Hosted in Switzerland SekurMessenger is protected by some of the world's strongest privacy laws and remains outside of US and EU jurisdiction.

We can't read your messages or listen to your calls, and no one else can either.

We are free form ads, third party espionage or any tracking because we are not connected with any big tech company.

True privacy is not needing your phone number to communicate, your profile is not associated with personal data.

  • CheckNo Patriot Act
  • CheckNo CLOUD Act
  • CheckNo AWS
  • CheckNo Google Cloud
  • CheckNo Azure
  • CheckNo Data Mining
  • CheckNo Third-Party Access
  • CheckZero Knowledge


Protecting sensitive information, maintaining privacy, and preventing cyber attacks is our core.

SekurMessenger provides fully private instant chats with no hidden storage or data mining. This means that your conversations are kept completely private and cannot be accessed by anyone else. SekurMessenger uses end-to-end encryption to ensure that your messages are secure and cannot be intercepted by anyone else.

One of the key features of SekurMessenger is that it is built on proprietary code without open source involved. This means that the code used to build SekurMessenger is not publicly available and cannot be modified by anyone else. This ensures that the service is secure and cannot be compromised by anyone.


Data is transferred from device to secure servers in an encrypted tunnel.

Our proprietary technology HeliX® wraps data transfer in 2048-bit encryption with multiple layers of proprietary encryption intertwined in HeliX® form on top of it, which creates multiple layers of encryption many times stronger than others.

With our own servers in Switzerland Sekur is 100% cloud-based privacy granted.


Registration in the application anonymously

No telephone number or personal identification data is required.

Private and Encrypted Messages

Highly secure messaging 1on 1 chat and unlimited participants for groups.

Add a contact without an address book

Contacts by invitation only by private ID number.

Chat by invites

Communicate with other partner's or external non SekurMessenger users.

Self-destruction of Messages

Chat messages can be self-destructed on your and recipient's device.

Encryption by default

Advanced encryption code throughout communication and file sharing.

Expiration time for your chat

Messages, voice and file transfers or on demand deletion from everywhere

Synchronization of Messages

From multiple devices with your username and password.

Private Chat

Our unique approach to privacy protect your conversations not only with advanced security protocols but with no third-party intervention at all.

  • CheckNo phone number or email address required.
  • CheckDefault End-to-end encryption of transmitted messages.
  • CheckContact per request only.
  • CheckExtended security, chat with non Sekur users.
  • CheckProprietary VirtualVault® and Helix tech for triple layered protection.
  • CheckService runs its own server in Switzerland under strictest privacy laws.
  • CheckNo data resides on the app itself.
  • CheckNo metadata storage for any porpoises.
  • CheckNo address book mining.
  • CheckJurisdiction under Swiss Federal act on Data Protection.

Keep Your Internet Traffic Private and Secure

7 Day Trial Included!

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Download SekurMessenger

Simple, Private, Secure

A single license for all devices asociated with the account.

Leave no trace of your auto-erase communications on all devices

Messaging, voice and file encrypted transmission with everyone.

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To contact support, please start the chat below and explain what you need support with. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

SekurMessenger FAQ

What type of information do you ask to register with SekurMessenger?

We only ask for your email address, we do not require your device's phone

How many devices can I use with one SekurMessenger account?

You can use your SekurMessenger account on unlimited devices. This includes our apps that are available in Google Play or the Apple AppStore and on any web browsers.

Is any media that I send or received via SekurMessenger stored on my device?

No shared media is stored on your device. SekurMessenger ensures the highest level of protection available, our application does not store any data on your device.

Can I communicate with people who do not use Sekur?

Yes. By using our proprietary feature: Chat By Invites, you are able to send anyone a fully private encrypted instant chat message. There are absolutely no limits to the amount of invites you can send.

Does SekurMessenger connect to your device?

SekurMessenger does not connect with your mobile device, does not data mine your address book, nor does it download chats on your device itself. 100% of the conversations are stored on our Switzerland servers only.

Can I use SekurMessenger on multiple devices?

Yes, you can use SekurMessenger on Desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. You can use our browser-apps or find the download within Google Play or Apple AppStore. There are no limits to the number of devices you can install them on.