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What is SekurMail?

For anyone who cares about online privacy and security, SekurMail offers an encrypted email service that is not only private by default, but a safe and powerful tool to communicate with everyone, within Sekur or outside of Sekur.


Protects your personal information and communications from being accessed by unauthorized parties, such as hackers, advertisers, or rogue agencies.


Encryption and other security measures to prevent your messages from being intercepted, modified, or tampered with, in transit or at rest.

Online Freedom

Empowers you to access information and communicate with anyone in the world, regardless of geographical or political barriers.


SekurMail turns your email into a Secure and Private communications platform with the highest Security and Privacy standards using end to end encryption for messages between SekurMail users and with external users.

Our backend email servers provide the most secure environment for your digital communications. On top of the multilayer encryption, we use our proprietary technologies, Virtual Vault and Helix, to encrypt all data stored on disks and all data that is transmitted across the network.

We execute all transmissions and exchange of data within our secure server platform environment.

When a user accesses one of our services, the user connects first to our secure platform in our data center, and then the transaction happens within our servers' environment. This eliminates the risk of data being intercepted from the sender’s device, data cannot be read or accessed. All data in our storage systems is encrypted. This eliminates "BEC", Business Email Compromise.


Protecting sensitive information, maintaining privacy, and preventing cyberattacks is in our DNA.

SekurSend allows you to have greater control, security and privacy over the emails you send. Full control over how and when recipients read your email. Messages never leave our secure server systems and cannot be intercepted. Messages are encrypted with proprietary multi level encryption.

SekurSend allows the user to send an encrypted email to anyone, regardless if they use SekurMail or not, in full privacy and security as the email never leaves Sekur's encrypted Swiss email servers.

When a user selects SekurSend to send an email to any recipient outside the SekurMail email platform, the recipient receives a notification email, instead of the email containing the sensitive data. In the notification email the recipient clicks a secure link to read the sensitive message, eliminating Business Email Compromise ("BEC") and email phishing incidents.


Data is transferred from device to secure servers in an encrypted tunnel. For data storage, our company uses proprietary multiple vaults encryption layers. Encrypted data needs to be decrypted in 2 different layers per account and per user, segregating user’s data in virtual vaults in encrypted manner with individual keys.

One for the user account and one for the password. Our proprietary technology HeliX® wraps data transfer in 2048-bit encryption with multiple layers of proprietary encryption intertwined in HeliX® form on top of it, which creates multiple layers of encryption many times stronger than others.

With our own servers in Switzerland Sekur is 100% cloud-based privacy granted.


Compose and send emails inside your email application, via webmail or via the SekurMail application . Use SekurMail App or webmail for using the SekurSend feature for extra privacy and security when emailing non Sekur users. Works in Outlook seamlessly.

Set Self Destruct timers password protected and read limits for individual emails and hide content from recipient ISP. Use the Archiving and auto export to your own servers feature for business and enterprise accounts.

Full control over how and when recipients read your email with SekurSend or within Sekur users.

Messages never leave our secure systems and cannot be intercepted when using SekurSend or between Sekur users.

Messages are encrypted and secured with our proprietary multi level encryption ( secure environment, secure communication and secure storage).

Email files securely up to 5GB each with SecureSend with outside users or within the organization.

Email messages are automatically purged from our systems with no residual backup once deleted by users.

Works with any email address and supports unlimited external recipients with enterprise end to end encryption within and outside organization users.

Keep Your Internet Traffic Private and Secure

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A single license for all devices asociated with the account.

Military grade encryption DKIM Crypto Update

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To contact support, please start the chat below and explain what you need support with. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

SekurMail FAQ

Can I send encrypted emails to other email users?

You can send 100% encrypted and private email messages to anyone outside Sekur by using our included proprietary SekurSend and SekurReply feature. This allows you to send and receive fully encrypted email messages to anyone – especially those who do not use Sekur.

Can I bring my domain into SekurMail?

Yes only with our SekurMail Business Plans. You can use your business domain with SekurMail for Business which allows you to use SekurMail for all your business email applications.

How can I send sensitive information?

You can send any type of file with our SekurSend feature. SekurSend allows you to have greater control, security, and privacy over the emails you send. Full control over how and when recipients read your email. Messages never leave our secure server systems and cannot be intercepted. Messages are encrypted with proprietary multi-level encryption.

How many devices can I use with one SekurMail account?

You can use your SekurMail account on unlimited devices.

Can I use my SekurMail on any device?

Yes, you can use SekurMail on any device by using our web browser or by downloading the app on your mobile device App Store or Google Play.

Can I migrate my email from another email provider to Sekur?

Absolutely. You can use our easy migration tool which will pull your emails from your other email provider into Sekur automatically. There is no need to manually transfer emails or contacts, simply plug in the required information and the tool will do the rest.

What is Sekur's maximum attachment allowed file size?

By using our SekurSend feature, Sekur users can send to anyone up to 5GB.