Privacy has arrived. Encrypted Swiss Hosted Instant Messaging and Email.

100% Private Platform. No Data Mining. No Big Tech Hosting.

Why Sekur

Swiss hosted private secure messenger and email

No data mining. No big tech.

Communicate privately and securely with non-Sekur users

Proprietary Technology

All data is transferred in a multi-layered 2048-bit encrypted tunnel using our proprietary HeliX technology - NO VPN REQUIRED to secure your connection. All communications happen in our Swiss secure servers only.

Sekur Features

No Address Book Data Mining
Self Destructing Chats Across All Devices
Fully Private Instant Chats with No Hidden Storage or Data Mining
100% End-to-End Encryption
Server Encryption and Routing in Switzerland Only
Have Encrypted Chats with Non-Sekur Users
SekurSend - Send Encrypted Emails Outside Sekur
SekurReply - Have Recipient Reply Within Sekur Environment
Communicate All Within Swiss Secure Environment
Monitor Email Activity
Send Unlimited Size Attachments
Easy Email Migration Tool From any Email

Regain Your Privacy.
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